These are very short stories offered for free. They’re less focused on ethical kink. If you like them, please consider buying one of my stories on Amazon.

Fast Learner: Just a late-night quickie, with a lesson.

Crouching Tiger: A true story of one of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had.

The Taste of Fear: I wrote this a LONG time ago. It’s the story of a vampire out on the hunt.

Alphas and Omegas: My take on the whole alpha/beta/omega trope (but not shifters). Knotting porn!

A Pleasure Doing Business: Not a sequel to Alphas and Omegas, but set in the same world.

Best Job Ever: A fantasy inspired by a cucking video.

Taking One for the Team: A wrestler learns a lesson about not slacking off.

The Right Kind of Venom: A hypnotist gives his subject a very memorable session.

At the Resort: This piece is password protected. If you want to read it, you need to post a review of one of my novels at Amazon, B&N, or Goodreads, and then email me at hadriantemple1 at gmail dot com letting me know where your review is. I’ll respond with the password and my gratitude for your review.

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