A Pleasure Doing Business

“Sir?” Edward’s voice came over the speaker of my office phone. “Mr. Steele is here to see you.”

“Bring him in.”

A minute later the door to my office opened and Edward ushered Nathan Steele in. I’d seen pictures of him before, but this was the first time we’d met in person. He was a striking man, every inch an alpha. He was tall and broad-shouldered, and although he wore an expensive business suit, it didn’t conceal the fact that he was in excellent shape. His skin was the color of rich fertile soil, and his tight curly hair was trimmed very neatly and close to the scalp, as was his beard. He carried himself like an African king and I could imagine that even many lesser alphas found him intimidating. 

But not me. I’m as much an alpha as Steele. A major corporation like WM&I needs to be headed by an alpha and I prided myself on looking the part. I’d spent an hour in the executive gym just before the meeting to make sure I felt like a competitor. My body felt tight and relaxed at the same time. 

I rose from my desk and crossed the room to greet him. I held out my hand. “Mr. Steele. It’s good to finally meet you in person.” 

His handshake was firm and I made certain mine was as well. As we shook hands, we looked each other directly in the eyes. I smiled, allowing my upper lip to creep up over my canines slightly. My alpha instincts were telling me I might have to fight him, but I pushed those urges aside. Our ancestors may have been wolves in the forest, but we had evolved beyond that countless millennia ago. 

“I’m glad we could find the time to address this face to face, Mr. LePorte. I prefer to be able to look my opponent in the eye rather than deal with all the beta intermediaries.” His tone was joking, but there was edge to that joke. His ear-tips were slightly bent outward but kept creeping up. He was expecting a fight but trying not to show it. 

“I entirely understand. But I’m hoping we don’t have to be opponents. I think there’s a way for us both to come out winners here.”

Edward was standing a few feet behind us, looking slightly overwhelmed by the presence of two powerful men. I could see from the way his nostrils were flaring that he was catching our musk. Edward was physically rather small, the way most born omegas are. He was a good-looking man, with somewhat delicate features, blond hair, blue eyes, pale skin. 

“My assistant Edward will be sitting in with us, taking notes,” I said. As I returned to my desk and Steele sat down in one of the chairs across from me, Edward closed the office door and sat down in the other chair, taking care to pull it slightly back so as not to suggest he was Steele’s equal. Edward never failed to show that sort of deference. His ear-tips hung down, signaling that he had no intention of challenging anyone. 

“Now, let’s get down to business, “ I said. “Let me restate WM&I’s position…”

For the next 20 minutes, Steele and I went back and forth. Both of us held enough cards to make it hard for the other to get the upper hand, but Steele was reluctant to admit it. As the discussion went on, it slowly got more and more heated. Both of us began to bare our fangs, and there was a lot of low-key growling. I’ll admit I was enjoying the verbal sparring, but the longer it went on, the more I was feeling the need to defeat him. I found my leg twitching impatiently under my desk. 

Finally, Steele stood up quickly. “I’m getting very tired of this, Mr. LePorte!” He was baring his fangs all the way and his ear-tips were rigidly upright. 

I stood up as well. “Then don’t be so goddam stubborn. The only way to resolve this is a compromise and you know it.” I let out a loud growl. My instincts shouted that the conflict was about to become physical. This wouldn’t be the first business negotiation that ended in a brawl, but I really didn’t want to go that route, because no matter which of us came out on top, we would both be losers. I gripped the edge of my desk tightly and leaned forward, letting my ear-tips stand straight up.

Before Steele could respond to that, Edward let out a loud whimper. Like a lot of born omegas, Edward just couldn’t stand by and watch conflicts. His instincts demanded that he try to conciliate and make peace. It’s hard to resist the sound of an omega’s whimper. Nature has pitched that sound just right to make us alphas hard, and that’s what it did to me almost instantly.

Edward stepped up to Steele and looked up at him. I’ve seen that expression and I know what it does to me, so I could imagine what it was doing to him. “Sir, please, there’s no need to fight. You can work this out.” His ear-tips were slung back to demonstrate appeasement. 

With a throaty growl, Steele grabbed Edward and spun him around, pushing him down onto my desk. He ripped open the seat of Edward’s pants and a moment later tore through the underwear as well. He jammed two fingers into Edward’s cunt, while his other hand pinned Edward down. The omega let out a groan of pleasure. I looked down at him and saw a mixture of lust and fear playing across his face. His ear-tips were flat back against his skull.

Steele quickly freed his dick from his trousers. It was an impressive piece of meat, about 9 inches. His bulb was already inflating, the blood in it turning his skin a rich purple-red color. He glanced at me, his first gesture of deference in the whole meeting. Unless he wanted to fight me for ownership of my omega, he needed my permission. I nodded by way of giving him permission, and a moment later he slammed his tool into Edward’s hole, bulb and all. Edward let out a shriek of pain and then began releasing a string of pleasant whimpers. He made no attempt to move at all. 

I came around from behind my desk and stood next to Steele. “Yeah! Knot the little bitch! He needs it.” Edward’s ass had a beautiful round pinkness to it that contrasted beautifully with the darkness of Steele’s shaft. My own cock was aching for the pleasure of knotting, but there were more important concerns. The tension between me and Steele was quickly dissolving into the camaraderie of alpha fucking. He was slamming Edward around like a doll. I appreciated the aggression he was showing. 

I freed my dick from my pants and yanked Edward over so that I could force myself into his mouth. Edward slid off the desk and struggled to keep a footing while Steele and I pounded him from both ends. Edward was gagging, his mouth stretched out by my girth. I looked at Steele and he grinned at me. We let go of the veneer of civilization and just rutted like our lupine ancestors. It felt good to be brothers-in-fucking instead of enemies. 

I was nearing my climax, but a sudden hard thrust from Steele pulled Edward’s mouth off my cock, so that I spurted my load across his face. Steele was totally gone in the throes of passion. His eyes were rolling back in his head and when he came he let out a triumphant howl. 

He and Edward were knotted together. So Steele pressed him against the desk and continued to gently thrust into my omega, who was totally limp. Knotting releases relaxing hormones, so Steele propped himself up on the desk and spent some time just nuzzling Edward, who looked completely dazed. It’s amazing how the alpha urge to conquer turns into a need for gentle bonding after sex. I slapped Steele on the back and grinned at him. My fangs showed, but it was a statement of shared superiority rather than a challenge.

Eventually, though, Steele’s knot relaxed. He pulled out and sat back in his chair. Freed for his position against the desk, Edward scurried over to the wall panel that concealed the washroom, and found a towel. He came back, knelt before Steele and began to clean his cock with the towel and his mouth. Steele idly stroked Edward’s hair as he did so. 

“Look,” I said, sitting down again, “we’ve got to work this out.” I knew that if there was a deal to be made, this was the moment to make it.

Steele sighed. “All right, give me your best offer. No more playing around, hoping I’ll just magically give you everything you want.”

For the next 10 minutes we haggled, trading our bargaining chips for our goals. Steele was every bit as tough a negotiator as his reputation suggested, but now that he felt he nothing to prove, he was receptive to my proposals. 

Eventually, I stood up and came around to the front side of my desk, as he rose. I extended my hand and he shook it, with much less aggression than before.“I will have my legal department draw up the paperwork and send it over to you this afternoon.”

Edward dialed out on the phone. “Phyllis, could you inform Mr. Steele’s driver that he will be leaving soon? Thanks.”

Steele regarded the omega. “That’s a hot little bitch you have here.”

I grinned. “Thanks. He makes himself useful occasionally.”

As Edward escorted Steele out, I admired the way his ruined underwear framed his ass. When Edward had returned, I said, “So, did I get the details right?”

Edward opened another panel and fished out a replacement for his destroyed clothing. “Yeah. I wish you had been a bit more aggressive about the delivery date though. It would have been nice to get that in for third quarter.” He sighed as he put the new pair of pants on. Then he cracked his back.

I swaggered over to him and let myself loom above him. “Don’t pretend that you don’t enjoy getting fucked so much.”

He got flustered. “No…no, that part…almost makes up for it. But things would be so much easier if I hadn’t been born an omega. I could actually run this company in name as well as in fact, instead of having to use you as my negotiator.”

I flexed my chest for him. “You regretting our arrangement?” I growled.

He quivered, and his ear-tips twitched back. “Oh, no…No. You earned your salary today…Sir.” I loved that I was making him so nervous.

I loomed over him. “What’s the Law of the Forest, fucker?”

“The strong rule and the weak serve, Sir.” He looked up at me with big fearful eyes. He managed to let out a whimper before I pounced.

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