My Published Work

This page lists my published works. You can click on the links to get to the Amazon page where you can buy them.


These are full-length stories, of differing length and complexity. They all have multiple sex scenes and substantial character development. Most of these explore kink in an ethical way or address the real complexities of bdsm.

Leather God Descending: This is my first published novel, and in some ways it’s still my favorite piece of work. It tells the story of Adam, an experienced leather dom in San Francisco who is in something of a slump until he meets Riley, a police officer whom Adam thinks would be a good candidate for slavery. But Riley is a novice and Adam’s a pretty intense guy.

You can read an excerpt from the first chapter here.
You can read a review of it here.

Leather God Descending is also available at Barnes and Noble here.

Bull and Cuck: This wasn’t the second novel I wrote, but for complicated reasons, it’s the second one to get published. It’s an exploration of cuckolding, a growing fetish in the gay community. Brady is pretty happy just playing the field until one day his best friend David offers him a chance to sleep with David’s boyfriend Tyler. This pulls all three men into a cuckolding relationship that risks the most important relationship in Brady’s life.

You can read an excerpt from the first chapter here.

Bull and Cuck is also available at Barnes and Noble here.

Claiming the Slave: This novella is a lightly-fictionalized, simplified, mostly autiobiographical story. It tells the story of an experienced dom who meets a novice slave with whom he has a very intense chemistry. But there’s a problem…

You can read an excerpt from it here.

Claiming the Slave is also available through Barnes and Noble here.

Silhouette: The Hero Captured This is the first of a two-part work dealing with a very angry superhero, Silhouette, and an arrogant super-genius villain (is there any other kind?), Dr. Inevitable. When Dr. Inevitable encounters Silhouette, he becomes determined to own Silhouette and break the hero to his will. Will the plot succeed, or will Silhouette find a way to escape from his captor’s fiendish plot?

Unfortunately, after accepting Silhouette: The Hero Captured for publication, Amazon changed its mind about it and blocked it. You can read about that here. So it’s not available through Amazon any more. Silhouette: The Hero Captured is also available through Barnes and Noble here. If you would like to read it, you can purchase it directly through me. Email me at hadriantemple1 @ gmail dot com if you would like it.

The cover art, incidentally, was done by @2LuBkhLand, who did a great job realizing my hero and villain.

You can read an excerpt from it here.

Silhouette: The Hero Conquered: The conclusion to the story of Silhouette and Dr. Inevitable. When Silhouette escapes from Dr. Inevitable’s clutches, the villain lays a more fiendish trap for the hero. Can Silhouette escape the Doctor’s plan again, or will he become a willing sex slave? Can a superhero and a supervillain maintain a real relationship together?

Although Amazon blocked the first half of the novel, the second half is still available there.

It’s also available through Barnes and Noble here.

Silhouette: Capured and Conquered: The complete Silhouette and Dr. Inevitable story. It’s not available on Amazon, but you can get it through Barnes and Noble here. You can also order directly through me, at hadriantemple1 at gmail dot com.

Short Stories

These short stories are simple fantasies, just scenarios that I think are hot. Unlike my novels, the short format means I spend less time exploring the ethics of kink and issues of safety and more focusing on stuff that gets my dick hard. 

Lessons Learned the Hard Way: A college professor has a student who’s desperate to pass his class, so he decides to teach the student a lesson he won’t easily forget. 

Also available through Barnes and Noble here.

My Boss, My Bitch: Probably the most Amazon-porn title I will ever produce. Spencer Bartlett’s boss is a complete asshole. Then Spencer discovers some incriminating evidence that completely changes how they interact. 

Coming Soon!

The Book Tour: A simple fantasy about a successful gay bdsm erotica novelist on a bookstore tour.

Leather Daddy: A full-length novel about an experienced leatherman who starts to train an enthusiastic young sub to be his boy. But the leatherman has unresolved issues in his past that make it hard for him to truly commit to the boy who loves him.

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