Excerpt from Bull and Cuck

As the day goes on, I find myself slowly coming to enjoy the idea of what David wants to do. I’ve matured a lot since college, but I did enjoy swaggering through a bar deciding who I wanted to pick up. So the idea of doing that again sounds fun. And I have occasionally started to fantasize about Tyler, although I always cut that short. The idea of my best friend letting me sleep with his boyfriend feels strange, but I guess I’m still thinking like a straight guy. 

So after work I rush home and freshen up. I need to change, and it takes a while to figure out how to dress. I finally decide on jeans and a t-shirt that shows off the hours I spend in a gym. I realize I feel like a college kid again, and I kinda like that feeling. Maybe I’ve been playing grown up too long or something. Tonight, I get to be a swaggering college football jock again. 

As I turn down the block toward David’s house, I feel my heart pounding. My dick is hard too. I’m nervous and aroused. I pull over and do some deep breathing to calm down. I want to feel confident when I go in there. And from what David’s said, he wants that too. 

David’s house is pretty nice. He’s got money and it shows, but not in a vulgar way. I’ve always admired his tastes. So I pull up in the driveway and get out of the car and walk up to the house. Just visiting my friend and his boyfriend…

David answers that door with a smile that said he was looking forward to this as much as I want. “Hi, Brady!”

I enter the living room. It’s nicely furnished with a couch and armchair and coffee table, but it feels a bit sterile. From what I can tell, David and Tyler mostly use their tv room as the center of their house. I pause for a second. “I just want to make sure that you’re sure you’re ok with this, buddy. I…”

He cuts me off, seeming more confident than he often does. “Trust me. I wouldn’t have asked you to do this if I wasn’t sure I’ll be happy with what happens. You’re my best friend. I trust you.” We lock eyes for a moment and I’m reminded of how much I owe David. If he wants this, I’m going to do it for him. 

I put my arm on his shoulder in a gesture of genuine affection. “Then let’s go find your boyfriend.”

David takes me to the tv room at the back of the house, with a brief stop in the kitchen to grab beers. It’s a couple steps down from the kitchen, with a fireplace at one end and an enormous flat-screen tv along the adjacent wall. There’s a very comfortable leather sofa opposite the TV set and a very modern glass coffee table in front of it. A matching leather arm chair completes the set. As I come around to the front side of the couch, I notice a bottle of lube and a couple of condoms just sitting next to the coasters.

Tyler’s lounging on the sofa. David and I are both 38, while Tyler is only 29. He’s one of those blond, All-American types with perfect skin and blue eyes. He’s about three inches taller than David, which still puts him about three inches shorter than me. Unlike David, he has a pretty good sense of grooming; he’s currently got his hair buzzed close to the temples with a low pompadour on top. He’s also a bit baby-faced, young and innocent-looking. He’s dressed very casually—sweatpants just snug enough to show off his ass and a tight t-shirt. 

He stands up and smiles. “Hey, Brady. Good to see you again.” He’s nervous, but I can tell he’s looking forward to what’s coming. By this point my nervousness has faded and I’m feeling relaxed and ready to take charge.

I shake his hand and look him straight in the eye. “Good to see you, too. It’s been a while. How’s things going?” I let the eye contact linger.

We sit down on the couch and just chat for a few minutes. He tells me an upcoming event he’s organizing for a local charity and I fill him in on some deals I’m working on. I make eye contact way more than I would if we were merely catching up and I can feel the sexual tension slowly creeping up. He’s letting me take the lead and it feels good. So I’m taking my time getting us where we both know we’re going. I glance over at David in the armchair. He’s watching us intently. There’s a small wet spot on his pants. I wink at him and he starts like I grabbed his tit. 

Then I turn back to Tyler. I reach out and playfully poke his bicep. “You been working out?”

“Yeah, a little. I realized that just running wasn’t enough for me to stay in shape. So I’ve started going to the gym. I need to find a trainer though.”

“You look good. Flex for me.”

He sits up and makes a muscle for me. I grasp it and squeeze a little, making eye contact as I do. “Nice.” I let my hand linger on his arm.

“Thanks. I’m not in your league, but I’m seeing a little progress.”

I curl one arm toward my chest. “You like that?”

“Yeah. How long do spend in the gym?”

“About 90 minutes, 5 times a week.” I stand up and peel off my t-shirt slowly. Then I do a double-bicep and grin at him. “What do you think?”

He stands up and runs his hands appreciatively over both my guns. “Damn! You need to show me how to do that.”

I glance over at David. His mouth is slightly open. “Hey, buddy? Could you get me another beer?”

David takes a moment to respond, as if he’s lost in a trance. “Umm, yeah, sure.”

I ignore him and turn back to Tyler. “You like what you see?”

He grins. “Fuck, yeah!”

I put a hand on the back of his neck and pull him into me. Leaning down slightly, I kiss him, using tongue from the start. He responds eagerly, and his hands start exploring my chest. One of my hands slips down to fondle his ass. It’s round and firm. He’s a good kisser. He knows that kissing is give and take so we get lost in the tongue-jousting.

I hear David start to come back into the room with that beer. He’s standing at the top of the steps, just looking. The wet stain on his pants has gotten bigger. I turn slightly, to make sure that he can see our faces pressed together, but other than that, I complete ignore him. I realize I’m kind of enjoying having an audience. 

We eventually come up for air. We smile at each other. Tyler’s lust is evident, and mine probably is too. “God, you’re hot,” he says. “All those fucking muscles…”

I reach down and unzip my pants. “There’s one muscle you haven’t examined yet.” A moment later I free my dick from my pants as Tyler kneels down. 

“Holy crap! That thing’s huge!”

“Eight inches for you, kid.”

He doesn’t need any more urging to get personal with it. He starts sucking on it, trying to get as much as he can into his mouth. I gently encourage him with my hands. “You like that, kid? Feels good to suck a cock like that, doesn’t it?” Tyler produces an enthusiastic “mhh-hmm” and keeps going. 

I glance over at David, but without actually directly looking at him or acknowledging his presence. He’s rubbing his groin aggressively, so it’s pretty clear he’s getting what he wants out of this. 

As Tyler continues the blow job, I’m feeling overcome with arousal. I love what’s happening to my dick. It feels like the most intense blow job I’ve ever gotten. Is Tyler just that good a cocksucker? No, I realize, there’s more to it than that. I also love that David is watching me do this. Throughout our friendship, I’ve always been the stud. I’ve always enjoyed showing off to him. Over the years, I’ve flexed and shown off my body to him, and he’s watched me flirt with and pick up women at bars. But he’s never seen me do it with a guy. Even after I told him I was bi, I never went out to a bar with him to pick up a guy. Somehow that felt like something I needed to keep private. But suddenly it feels great to show him that I’m as much of a stud with the boys as with the girls. Maybe, after years of David being my boss at work, it feels good to remind him that I’m the boss when it comes to sex. 

Suddenly I realize I’m rising to climax. Usually when I fuck I cum whenever my dick decides it wants to, but tonight I’m not just playing with Tyler. I’m giving a performance. And I want this show to be memorable. So I pull Tyler off my dick. I pull him up from kneeling and he looks at me with those gorgeous baby blue eyes of his. There’s something almost reverent about his expression. I kiss him and as I do so, I reach down to his hips and pick him up. He only weighs about 160, so it’s pretty easy to do. He seems thrilled by it; his kisses get much more passionate. I love the feeling of his cock rubbing against my bare belly though his sweatpants. 

I break off the kiss finally and look him in the eyes. “You ready to get the best fuck of your life, kid?” Normally I just call him Tyler, but somehow tonight, ‘kid’ feels right. It makes it clear that I’m in charge.

“God, yes! I want that monster cock in me so bad!”

I set him down and we both undress hastily, not wanting it to break the mood. Soon we’re both naked. I grab him and spin him around, pushing him up onto his knees on the couch, so that he’s facing David. By this point David has his dick in his hand and is stroking it. I kneel down behind Tyler and dive into his ass. 

I’ve always been an ass man. My first sexual thoughts were of Latisha Morgan’s butt during 8th grade and I’ve always tended to scope out women’s butts before anything else. And I began to understand I was interested in guys when I realized that I was checking out guys’ asses at the gym.  Tyler’s ass wasn’t be best I’d had, but it was nice, round and firm and lightly fuzzed. A veritable peach. I’ve always enjoyed rimming, and once I started doing anal sex I quickly discovered that with my size, I needed to make sure the guy’s hole was relaxed. Rushing things always goes bad. So I take my time, licking and kissing it, prying his cheeks apart to get them more open. I start probing with a finger and he starts making the right noises. 

Eventually though, I need to move on from appetizers to the main course. When he seems relaxed enough, I quickly put on a condom and lube up my dick. Then I start lubing Tyler’s ass. He makes a kind of whining noise, like a bitch going into heat. Something about that clicks with something in me. I want to fuck him, hot and hard. But I need to hold back until I know he’s taking me ok. 

So I begin to slowly push against his hole. He makes a quiet wordless grunt that I know means he’s feeling some discomfort. “It’s ok, kid. I know I’m big, but you can take this. Just take your time and relax.” My voice is low and soothing, concealing the urgency I’m beginning to feel. I genuinely don’t want to hurt him. So I keep gently reassuring him that he can do it. At some point his body relaxes a little as trust sets in, and a few moments later, I feel his ass relax and my dick slides in. 

He grunts again and his body stiffens. “Jesus H. Christ! That’s fucking huge!” 

“You got this, kid. I’m in. Just get used to it.” I slowly pull out and slowly push back in, offering him time to adjust.

“Yeah, gimme a sec,” he says. Then his body relaxes. “Ok. Ohh!” He sighs with pleasure and starts to arch his back. 

I give a soft laugh. “There you go. Good job!”

He laughs in response. “Goddam! I’ve never had a cock this big. But I like it!” He pushes back toward me and I thrust in gently, building a rhythm. He makes appreciative noises. 

I look at David and give him a shit-eating grin, a grin that I hope says “I’m fucking your boyfriend and doing it better than you do.” His eyes are wide. I can’t tell exactly what he’s feeling but he’s certainly turned on, because a few moments later his dick starts spurting. 

Tyler lets out a deep moan of pleasure. That’s my signal that I can finally let go and give into the urgency I’ve been feeling. And suddenly, I’m a hound that needs to fuck and Tyler is my bitch. I get lost in the carnality of things and I just pound his ass. He’s small enough that I can toss him around easily. I just keep positioning him where I want and fucking him. 

And Tyler responds to me perfectly. He knows how to let me control his body without just going limp and passive like some people do. His body is tense enough to offer pleasing resistance and friction. So he’s not just getting fucked. He’s fucking me back in response. A lot of bottoms don’t know how to do that.

Somehow this becomes one of the most intense fucks I’ve ever done. I’m so turned on by everything—Tyler, David, the ego-stroke, the performance of it all—that I almost enter a trance. I can tell that Tyler is enjoying himself; I can sort of hear him moaning and telling me that I’m tearing his ass up. But honestly, I’m fucking out my lusts. Suddenly I realize I’m cumming and that shocks me back to myself. 

I’m lying on the couch with Tyler pinned beneath me. There are bodily fluids shining on the black leather of the couch, which has moved at least a foot from where it started. David’s still at the top of the stairs, but I’m barely noticing him. I continue thrusting into Tyler until he somehow worms his way off my dick and rolls over beneath me. He looks at me in amazement. “That was incredible!” he says. “I think I pulled a muscle in my thigh, but I don’t care. You’re a fucking beast!”

I grin down at him. He doesn’t seem to realize that he’s amazing too. It takes two people clicking perfectly to produce sex like that. That’s what chemistry is. And he and I have it in spades. 

“Glad you liked it,” I say before I embed my tongue in Tyler’s mouth. I love kissing him. He knows that kissing is requires tension in the lips. We linger that way for a long time. I start to feel drunk on him.

Eventually, though, I start to remember that Tyler was my best friend’s boyfriend. He isn’t really on the market, so it’s best to avoid getting too deep into him. This is a one-shot fling, a present for David.

With some reluctance, I pull myself off of Tyler and the couch. David is just standing there, his dick still in his hand. I pull the condom off and find a wastebasket to throw it in. I want to continue exploring with Tyler, but that seems like a bad idea, so I get dressed as quickly as I can without seemed rude about it. 

Tyler lies on the couch, watching me. “How’d you like my ass?” 

I snort. “It’s a pretty nice ass.”

He stands up and gets close to me. “You want another crack at it sometime?” 

Is he just flirting, continuing to enjoy the afterglow? Or is there something more going on? Is there some problem between him and David I don’t know about? I can’t tell. I give Tyler a brief kiss and squeeze his ass. “Make it a little firmer and we’ll see.”

I turn and walk over to David, who has finally put his dick away. “Was that what you were hoping for?” I ask.

“Yeah, and then some. That was incredible to watch.”

“You’re welcome, “ I say with a wink. I let myself out and head back to my condo. I have to keep reminding myself that Tyler is taken.

This is an excerpt from Bull and Cuck, available on Amazon. If you enjoyed this, please think about purchasing the whole story.

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