Commission Me!

If you’ve read my work and enjoy it, commission me to write your particular fantasy. Make a $30 donation and email me at hadriantemple1 at gmail dot com telling me what you’d like to be in it: a character, a setting, a specific scenario, or a particular sex act.

The story will be between 2,500-5,000 long. If you want anything substantially longer, there will be an additional charge. The story will be sent to you privately when it’s finished, but will eventually be posted on my blog. (Names and other identifying features will be changed if they are personal.) I retain all rights to the finished story unless we agree otherwise.

But there are a few restrictions:

  • I can’t write women having sex very well–I’m a gold star gay and would rather not embarrass myself trying to describe lady-parts I have no first-hand experience with.
  • No minors–writing child pornography is illegal and immoral.
  • No bestiality except shifter characters.
  • No scat, necrophilia, or AB/DL scenes–I just can’t go there.
  • Rape–we’re gonna have a long talk about what you want and why. Dubcon, on the other hand, I have no problem with.
  • No sequels to my finished novels. I ended those stories where I did for a reason. Those characters’ stories are done and I’m protective of the happiness they won. I can probably do something similar though, and I might have more about the characters in one of my short stories.
  • Just about anything else I’m game for. But having said that, someone will probably ask for something I’m uncomfortable with. If I don’t think I can write what you ask for, you’ll get a chance to change it or I’ll refund your money.

So tell me your fantasy and I’ll write it up for you as a story! Be the star of your very own personal porn!

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