Excerpt from Silhouette: The Hero Captured

This is an excerpt from my first piece of superhero erotica. It’s part of the Secret Lives of Superheroes series. In this scene, the hero, Silhouette, has been captured by the sadistic super-genius Dr. Inevitable, who is looking forward to discovering Silhouette’s secrets.

I had Silhouette strapped down onto a long table; it was designed to deny a captive the movement and leverage they would need to break free. One of the medics cut away the left arm of his suit and sutured the cuts he had sustained. While I had removed the coat, hat, and boots, I left the body stocking on for the moment. His body was magnificent: strong thighs, big pecs and arms, washboard abs, and a fairly generous package. But I wanted to savor undressing him. So instead I waited, enjoying the anticipation of what I would find under the costume. Who was Silhouette? 

As it turns out, the tranquilizer lasted as long as it would have on a normal human. Apparently, his metabolism wasn’t any different in that respect. I had blood samples taken for analysis, but if his gift was a result of a mutation, there probably wasn’t any hope of replicating it.

Eventually, Vincent alerted me that Silhouette was conscious. He helped me into my gear again and I headed to the cell where I had him captive. I switched out my mask for one that would allow me more use of my tongue. I didn’t need to worry about protecting my dental work now that he was my captive. I had done many scenes where I was leather clad and the other guy was immobilized, but never one where the stakes were so high. I was partly hard already when I walked into the cell. As I entered, he turned his head to watch me, but said nothing. I stood by the table.

“How are you feeling, Silhouette?”

“Crappy. Let me up and I’ll show you just how crappy I feel.”

“I did warn you that you were going to lose, Silhouette. But I do compliment you on the fight you gave me. I will definitely feel it for a few days.” 

‘If it had been a fair fight…”

“It was a fair fight, Silhouette. You came onto my estate fully prepared, at a moment of your choosing, and with the considerable advantage of your impressive metahuman gifts. I came into the fight with the advantage of my guards and my talent for planning and analysis. We fought; you lost. I told you it was inevitable. And of course you made the choice to assault my estate in the first place. So now you pay the price.”

“What are you going to do to me?’

“I’m going to get to know the real you.”

He struggled unsuccessfully as I searched around his neckline to find the seam in the hood. The hood turned out to be totally separate from the suit, so I tugged it off. Underneath, he wa a surprisingly good-looking man, with short black hair and slightly swarthy skin, probably of Italian descent. In the movies, of course, I would have recognized him as someone famous, but I didn’t. I had no idea who he was. His eyes seemed fearful rather than angry.

“It makes you uncomfortable that I can see your face, doesn’t it?” He didn’t respond, so I continued. “You like the anonymity of your suit. No one can see your face, which makes them nervous and gives you an advantage in a confrontation. It also lets you do all these extreme things without fear of discovery. You need to keep secrets, don’t you? For most heroes, it’s about protecting their loved ones from reprisal. But not you. I think this is about keeping your loved ones from being disappointed in you somehow.” His eyes widened and I knew I had guessed correctly. “It’s a shame. You’re quite a handsome man. You shouldn’t be hiding your face.

“Now, let’s keep exploring, shall we? I want to see what else you’re hiding under this clothing.”

I fished a pair of EMT shears out of my pocket. What had looked at first glance to be a just a sheer body-stocking proved on closer inspection to be padded compression gear. I pulled the shirt out from the waistband and used the shears to cut it open all the way up to the neckline. It spread open to reveal a perfectly-formed torso with a pair of nicely-sized nipples. I cut open the sleeves as well and pulled the remnants off him. Around his neck he was wearing a St Jude medal, which I left on.

“Mmmmm! Yes. This is exactly what I thought you looked like underneath. Marvelous!” I ran my gloved hands over his chest. Then I leaned down and began to lick one of his nipples. 

He struggled at his bonds again, pulling and twisting, trying to find a way to get some leverage, but to no avail. “Stop it! Get off me!”

“Make me. Oh, that’s right. You can’t stop me, because we fought and you lost. I’m claiming my prize, boy.”

He continued to struggle as I licked and kissed his chest, arms, and belly. I was the victor, and I wanted to get familiar with my trophy. As I conducted my inspection, I could see the stubble on his pecs. “Silhouette, you shave your chest! How interesting. You like showing off your body, don’t you? So why hide it under this outfit? Of course, the outfit is actually pretty skin tight, so you’re showing it off even when you’re out fighting crime. You have some complicated issues around who you let see you and who you don’t.”

I turned the shears to his pants. I slit down each leg and peeled it back to reveal a jockstrap with a cup. He struggled more furiously as I cut away the jockstrap, revealing an impressive erection, more than 7 inches. He was perfectly manscaped as well, with jut a small patch of pubic hair above his cock, and lightly furry balls. He got still, and I glanced up. His face was red with embarrassment, and there were tears in his eyes. His emotional pain was deeply arousing to me. I wanted to fuck him right there, but that wasn’t the plan.

“You know, I originally pegged you as a sadist. I thought you were getting off on beating up criminals. Lord knows you’ve hospitalized enough of them. But that’s not it at all, is it? You’re a submissive, and a masochist, aren’t you? All of this violence and anger is really an attempt to hide what you truly want, which is to be tied down and beaten and used.”

“No. That’s absurd.”

“I think this begs to differ, “ I said, beginning to stroke his cock. “You’re turned on by feeling totally helpless and humiliated like this.”

“No.” He sounded desperate. Perhaps he didn’t know the truth himself.

“It’s ok, Silhouette. Kink is all about accepting what turns you on, even if the rest of the world doesn’t accept it. I’m here for you, boy. I’m going to show you the truth of who you really are.” I continued stroking his cock. He was beginning to produce precum.

“No,” he said weakly. “Stop.. Stop, please. Please…”

I leaned in and looked into his eyes. He looked away from me. “Look at me!” I barked. He snapped his head back and made eye contact with me. There was so much pain and fear and anger and desire in those brown eyes. “It’s ok. You’re safe here. I’m not going to hurt you. I’m going to liberate you. Just let go and accept what’s happening. You want it more than I do.”

“No,” he whimpered. 

I continued stroking his cock and quickly got more aggressive. His muscles were clenching and unclenching, but he wasn’t trying to escape. He was straining against the bonds simply because it felt good. “That’s right. This feels amazing, doesn’t it? Admit it. You want this, badly.” He was still looking into my eyes. “Stop fighting this and just admit that you want it.”

“Yes,” he said quietly. He began to gasp as his orgasm hit him. His cock began to spurt thick ropes of jizz up past his chest; one blast landed on the cheek-plate of my mask. He thrashed violently, as least as violently as the restraints permitted, and he let out a loud roar.

I raised my cum-slicked glove to his mouth and he began to lick it clean. Then I leaned down and kissed him. He responded with surprising passion. I lingered over him for a long time. This was a critically important moment in his life, and I wanted to make sure we both savored it. 

But finally I broke it off. “I’m proud of you, boy. That was a hard thing to admit. But good things happen when you let yourself be vulnerable. This process isn’t always going to be pleasant, but I promise you it will be worth it in the end.”

His eyes narrowed. “Process?”

“Yes. I’m going to train you to be exactly what I want you to be.”

Silhouette: The Hero Captured is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The story concludes in the forthcoming Silhouette: The Hero Conquered.

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