The Right Kind of Venom

This story was inspired by a hypno scene I did with a boy recently. I’m pretty sure I cannot ever publish this story formally, so I’m just gonna put it up here for people to enjoy!

“Hey, boy,” I said as I opened the door. 

Noah was standing on my front porch looking vaguely nervous, as he always did. He said hi and hurried into the front hall quickly, so I could close it behind him. 

He took off the zippie he was wearing and I took it from him to hang on one of the hooks on the wall. He was wearing baggy tan cargo pants and a tight compression shirt designed to look like Superman’s costume. That combo of baggy and tight clothing spoke volumes about Noah’s issues, a desire to not draw attention while simultaneously wanting to show off his amazing body.

Noah’s body was really impressive. He wasn’t very tall—only about 5’7—but he was fuckin’ built. Big pecs, wide shoulders and lats giving him an impressive V, flat abs, biceps big enough to strain the sleeves of his shirt, flat abs that weren’t quite a six-pack because he was in a bulking phase. He filled that Superman shirt perfectly. Although his pants were baggy, I knew he had huge quads and spectacular glutes as well. Just looking at him made my dick throb. He’d never said as much, but it was clear to me that all the time he put in at the gym was a way of over-compensating for being short and for being picked on while growing up.

“Good to see you again, boy.” I ran one hand over his chest appreciatively. I slid it up over his shoulder and pulled him in to hug him. He responded with a firm hug of his own, his way of expressing his need for me. Still holding him, I admiring his face for a moment. Boyishly handsome, strong jaw, short sandy blond hair and blue eyes. He fantasized about being a fitness model but hadn’t yet found the courage to submit his pics to anyone. That was something I was going to work on with him. 

I leaned in to kiss him. After a moment of hesitation, he responded, opening his mouth to receive my tongue and applying just enough resistance to make it interesting. In the year that we’d been playing together, he’d gotten much better at kissing. But after making out briefly, I could feel his body start to stiffen up and he pulled his head back. He thumped my back to make the hug acceptably manly and then stepped back. I let him go.

He glanced away. I had learned to read what shame looked like in his face and body language. He sighed.

“I fucking hate this! Why can’t I just be ok with making out with a hot guy? Every time I do, I hear my mom’s voice in my head telling me that fags go to Hell because Jesus hates them.”

“Boy, we don’t work through our childhood issues all at once. Childhood is the trauma that takes a lifetime to heal. Do you remember what you were like the first time we met up?”

He nodded and sighed again. “Yeah. I know. It just sucks. You’re so patient with me and I wanna be able to give you what you deserve…”

I laughed. “Boy, you think I’m doing this purely out of charity? I’m a good guy, but I’m not that good! Trust me, I love playing with you. You’re one of the best subjects I’ve ever had, you’re up for everything I suggest doing, you trust me to play around in your head, and you’ve got the best body of anybody I’ve ever fucked. So I guarantee you that I’m getting my money’s worth out of our sessions.”

He grinned and flexed his biceps for me. There was something so goddam endearing about Noah when he did that. His smile was so boyishly enthusiastic, with just a hint of cockiness and yet somehow just a bit bashful at the same time. Part of what drew me to him was the layers of complexity he had. His parents had really fucked him up, but he still somehow had the courage to try and become what he wanted to be. Being the guy he had decided to trust to help him with his issues was simultaneously an intense pleasure and a responsibility I took very seriously.

I squeezed one bicep appreciatively and then said, “C’mon, boy. Let’s have some fun.” I headed upstairs to my bedroom. He followed obediently. 

The first time Noah had seen my bedroom, he’d gasped at the sight of the iron-framed bondage bed, but now he just accepted it at normal. He loved bondage. It gave him the same thing hypno play did, permission to not feel guilty because he wasn’t responsible for what he was doing. He could just be the slutty gay boy he was inside. The problem for him—for us, really—was letting that slutty boy out.

“So what are we doing tonight?” He was always excited to find out what I had planned. “I was thinking on the way over here that I’d love to have Lex Luthor tie up Superboy again, but I left the outfit at home.”

I smiled. That scene had been incredibly hot. It was the first time he had really let go. With my hypnotic suggestions, he’d been able to totally put Noah aside and just be someone else. Who knew that Superboy was such an enthusiastic cockwhore? We’d played that scene a couple of times. Noah loved superhero scenes. I’d realized over time that it wasn’t just becoming someone else that he liked about it. It was becoming someone heroic. If he felt like a hero, it deflected some of the shame he felt about his desires. Being one of the good guys was important to him in many parts of his life.

“Not tonight. I want this one to be a surprise.”

He shifted nervously from one foot to the other, but nodded. “Ok. I trust you to know what I’m ready for. You always have so far.”

I put my hand on his shoulder. “You know I’m always gonna stay within your limits, boy.”

He suddenly looked up at me and I was struck by the brightness of his eyes. “I want you to push me. I know I need to get past all this bullshit, and I know I need your help doing it. If you think I’m ready for something, just do it. I don’t even want to know what it is. Sometimes when you tell me, I say I’m not ready for it even when I know I want to do it.”

“I’m just the guide, Noah. You’re doing the hard part. You’re the one who actually breaks your chains. Hypno can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. It just makes you more comfortable doing it.”

He nodded. “Yeah, I know. I just don’t want to be the one holding us back.”

I smiled. That tickled my desire for control. 

“Ok, boy, it’s trance time.”

As soon as I said the trigger phrase, his body language shifted. The nervous shifting from side to side stopped. He let his arms hang at his side, and his face relaxed, attentive but not worried. I’d worked with him long enough that he no longer needed a lengthy induction and deepening process. 

“Program me, Sir.” That was the signal I’d programmed into him to let me know when he was in a trance. He rarely called me Sir when he wasn’t in a trance, but for some reason, when he was tranced he added that honorific even without me telling him to. It was another one of those little clues to what he wanted but couldn’t quite let himself have.

I spent a few minutes reinforcing previous commands I’d given him, including reminding him that it was ok to be gay. Then I started putting in the programming for the evening’s fun, putting in various post-hypnotic triggers and commands to shape his perceptions. And as I did, I took off my street clothes to get down to the spandex suit I was wearing underneath. Our cosplay thus far had focused on Noah getting to be a superhero, but this time we were going to focus on me being the villain corrupting him. I figured Noah might respond to a supervillain in much the same way he responded to being a superhero. In particular, I figured Noah would respond intensely to Venom, the alien symbiote with a conflicted relationship with his host Eddie Brock. 

I had positioned Noah facing away from me, so that even in the trance he wouldn’t see me until I felt it was time for the big reveal. As I tugged my mask into place, I ordered him to flex his biceps. He obediently did so. 

I ran my hands, now covered in black spandex, over his shoulders, appreciating how firm they were. “Ok, boy, trance time’s over.”

The trigger phrase brought him back to normal consciousness. I stood behind him and began fondling him, intentionally keeping myself just out of his line of sight. There was a command in him keeping him frozen in that position and making my touch feel like liquid slowly spreading across his body. He left out a low moan.

“Oh, god…what’s happening? What are you doing? Ohhh…”

“Don’t resist.” 

I had given him a command that my voice would sound like whatever he imagined Venom’s voice sounded like. He gasped and his whole body shuddered. He was trying to turn around, but the command had effectively paralyzed him. My dick was hard with the sense of erotic power I felt.

“I’m going to take you over and liberate you, Noah. Don’t struggle. You can’t win.”

I ran my hands up under his shirt, which was no easy task given how tight the shirt was, and then around to the front, enjoying his abs and the heft of his pecs. He moaned as I played with his nipples. 

“That’s it. Let it out. It feels so good to let me take you over.”

He moaned his agreement.

I allowed him to move enough for us to take his shirt off. I could tell he badly wanted to turn around and look at me, but all I let him see was my hands and arms, reaching around to fondle him. I slid one hand into his pants and grasped his hard cock. He shuddered in pleasure so intensely that he probably would have orgasmed if I hadn’t put in a command that he couldn’t without a trigger phrase. I stroked his shaft and enjoyed feeling the involuntary twitches of his body. 

“I going to enjoy using your body as my vehicle, my toy. And you can’t stop me.”

I slowly stripped him naked that way. He was precumming so much that the spandex of the suit was becoming wet with his juices. I’d seen Noah turned on before, but never this intensely. The feeling of control that I was experiencing was so intense my own cock was beginning to precum. I wasn’t just playing with his body. I was fucking his mind.

Eventually I used the trigger word that would allow him to turn around. I had programmed him to perceive me as if I truly were Venom: larger and more muscular than him, with a body capable of enveloping him, a disturbingly large mouth with a tongue like a tentacle, and an impossibly large cock. He’d shown me fan art of the character, so I knew he would find it arousing; none of these commands would have worked if he hadn’t already found Venom an erotic figure.

So when he turned around, his eyes widened and mouth dropped open and I knew the command was working. I wished I could see what he was seeing, but his reactions were an incredible turn-on even without that. He seemed almost paralyzed with some combination of fear and lust and awe. He was so totally into the scene that he had completely suspended his rational disbelief, and knowing that I was the guy bringing that out in him was heady. 

He was so deeply into it that I figured I could pull up my mask enough to expose my mouth. His desire to experience Venom’s ravishment was intense enough that his brain ought to ignore the incongruity. I grabbed his head with one hand and brought his face close to my mouth, hoping that  he was going to imagine Venom’s tongue doing sexy things. 

“I’m going to fill you with all sorts of obscene thoughts as I take you over ,” I growled. Then I thrust my tongue into his mouth. 

Noah responded with a passionate, unrestrained kiss, sucking eagerly on my tongue and making a series of arousing noises. His body became relaxed, but still eager and responsive. The barriers he had erected around himself over the years, barriers that he and I had constantly run into in our play, seemed to have dissolved entirely.

As I pulled away from his face, I said, “See? I’ve put all those kinky, sexy thoughts inside you and you can’t deny them.”

“Yes…I’m just a slut, a victim for you.”

I reached down to my crotch and fumbled with the zipper there. The fabric was so slick with my precum that opening the zipper proved tricky, but I managed to do it. As my erection sprang forth, I pushed Noah’s head down onto it. He sucked it with enthusiasm. That was one part of being gay that Noah somehow didn’t feel much guilt over. He had come to me already a decent cocksucker and I’d worked to build up that piece of his identity. I wasn’t sure what Venom’s cock felt like in his mouth, but I knew what my cock felt like in his mouth, and it was good. 

Good enough that I was in danger of shooting. He wanted my load and was sucking on my cock like he was vacuum cleaner hose. Rather reluctantly, I pulled him off me and ordered him onto the bed. He crawled up onto my queen bed and sprawled on his belly, pushing his ass into the air.

“Fuck me with that huge cock of yours! Make me your whore!”

Let me tell you about Noah’s ass. It was spectacular, the kind of ass that deserves to be kept in a museum somewhere for all of posterity to enjoy it. Both cheeks were full and round and jutted out prominently. They were covered with a light dusting of blond fuzz that just added to their allure. When Noah came to me a year ago, he wasn’t quite ready to admit he was a bottom, but one look at his ass told me the truth. No one works that hard on their ass if they don’t want to get fucked. They looked magnificent in spandex, but they didn’t need anything at all for them to command attention. 

I quickly maneuvered between his legs and parted those muscular globes and pressed my face into his crack. Before I met Noah, I enjoyed eating ass, but I was swiftly becoming addicted to it now. Noah had learned to enjoy rimming as a prelude to fucking, but tonight something was different. As soon my tongue touched his asshole, he began moaning and quivering, like it was the most ecstatic thing he’d ever experienced. He was writhing, pressing his ass up to meet my face. At first I was puzzled. I hadn’t given him any commands to find rimming so pleasurable, so why was he getting into it so much? 

But when he started begging me to go deeper, I suddenly realized what was going on. I hadn’t commanded to respond to rimming, but I had commanded him to perceive my tongue as being like a tentacle. He was imagining Venom’s tongue working its way deep into his ass, and whatever that felt like to him was intensely pleasurable. He wasn’t really responding to my skill at ass-eating so much as his own imagination, but his reactions were still making me feel like a sex god. So I threw myself into the ass-worship and made him moan til I started worrying that one of my neighbors might hear.

But the extended rim session was making me feel too horny. I needed to get into his ass in a real way.  I grabbed the lube from the nightstand and began to prep his ass, a process he seemed to find almost as pleasurable as getting rimmed. I had fucked him quite a number of times and never got tired of getting into his ass, but this was the first time he had seemed not just willing, but eager. He was thrusting his ass up off the bed, spreading his legs as wide as he could, and moaning. 

“I feel so fucking weak! I can’t resist any more. Your thoughts in my head…!”

As I slid into his hole, I once again wished I could know more exactly what he was feeling. But whatever it was, it was clear that I’d found a sweet spot for Noah, a way to let him access his deepest desires without the hesitation and shame he usually felt. As I sank into him, I threw my weight forward onto his back and slid my arms around his chest. I wanted him to feel enveloped, taken over by Venom. He pushed up his torso and began squeezing my dick with his ass as I thrust into him. He threw back his head, exposing his neck to my tongue and mouth,.

Then suddenly his voice changed, becoming lower and more growling. “We’re going to do everything we’ve wanted to do. We’re free of all that bullshit. This body is going to get fucked a lot because we need it. We want it!” And then he began writhing underneath me, like he was trying to fuck me with his whole body. It was almost like he was possessed by a demon.

For a moment, I was taken aback, unsure of what was happening. But then it clicked. He was experiencing something like Eddie Brock experienced in the comics, a sense of union between him and Venom, as if Noah and I were becoming one person. 

I wasn’t sure what this meant long-term, but in the moment it was hot as fuck. I couldn’t resist the urge to play into it because it felt so damn empowering to me. So I began whispering into his ear, telling him all the things we were going to do together. 

“We’re going to do such deviant things. Forbidden things…” I said. 

“We’re going to spread our legs for every hot guy we see.”

“Man after man fucking this tight ass.”

“A whore for whoever wants in.”

As we shared out our fantasies to each other, I fucked him like I’d never fucked anyone before. I didn’t just want to fuck him, I wanted to control him, to own him on such a deep level that we felt like the same person, him doing my bidding without hesitation. What he was feeling was some sense of intense liberation from the internal boundaries he lived in. What I was feeling was a sense of towering power, boundless control, as well as the raw pleasure of his tight, muscular body moving underneath me.

As I felt my orgasm starting to shudder its way up my dick, I hissed, “We come together! Shoot!”

With the aid of that trigger word, Noah and I climaxed together, both of us grunting our pleasure, his ass stroking my shaft almost like it was a hand. 

And then we lay still on the bed, both of us panting. Noah seemed in a daze, lying still except for the motion of his chest. I rolled off him and lay next to him. The Venom suit was damp with our sweat and while wearing it still felt sexy, I also needed to get out of it. So I stood up and spent several minutes taking it off.

Noah continued to lie face down on the bed, barely moving. Just in case he was somehow still under, I said, “Ok, boy, trance time’s over.” He eventually rolled onto his side, but he still looked lost and like he needed some aftercare. It didn’t surprise me that he might need aftercare after a what must have been an important break-through for him. So I lay down next to him and gently ran a hand across his chest. “You ok, boy?”

“Did that really happen?” he asked quietly.

“What do you think happened? What did you experience?”

He studied my face for a long time. Then he looked down at his own body. “…Venom fucked me?” He said it like he was genuinely unsure of the experience. 

“Well, I programmed you to see and feel me as Venom, the way you imagine Venom. I was cosplaying.” I pointed to the suit, which I had draped over the armchair by the window to help it dry out.

“Oh, thank God! I was afraid I was having some sort of…maybe a psychotic break.”

“It felt that real?” Maybe I should have discussed the scene with him in more detail rather than just telling him I had a surprise for him.

“Oh my God! You have no idea! It was amazing! Venom just took control of me. I could feel his tentacles spreading over me like he was absorbing me into him! He…you…it was so real! You sounded just like I imagined he would. And you got your tongue so far up my ass. It was like it was going to come out of my mouth! And when you fucked me…”

“That good, huh?”

He took a deep breath. “Ever since I started thinking about…about having sex with guys, I would feel a huge load of guilt, cuz it meant I was going to Hell. When we’ve played, it’s gotten easier to push that guilt away. I mean, when I’m tied down, it’s not my fault when you fuck me. But this time…” He seemed at a loss for words. 

“It’s ok. Take your time.” I ran my hand over his arm to reassure him. 

“At first, I felt that guilt, letting Venom…you grope me, but I just pushed it away. But…but when you kissed me, it…it was like you had invaded my thoughts. Venom just pushed all the guilt away. Like, I mean, gone away. All there was were these crazy sexy thoughts that felt so exciting! And then he…you…he merged with me and I was Venom and I was fucking myself and doing exactly what I wanted to…” He looked me in the face again. “It’s hard to explain. But it was amazing. I felt free, like it was ok to be me. How can being someone else, someone who doesn’t even exist, feel like being me?”

“Well, I’m no psychologist, but it seems like you finally let yourself see who you could be without all those restrictions on yourself.”

Noah was quiet for a long time, clearly reflecting on what had happened. “I want to be that guy.”


“No, the guy who’s free to fuck the way he wants to fuck. Who he wants to fuck.” He seemed to have some sort of new clarity in his mind. “But I want to be Venom too. I want him to take me over like that again.”

I realized that I was feeling a deep sense of power and control, and satisfaction. Not only had I done an incredible scene, I’d given Noah what was clearly an important breakthrough. I looked over at the suit. The hood looked back at me. It seemed…hungry. I pressed my mouth against Noah’s neck and nibbled my way up to his ear.

“Don’t worry, Eddie Brock. I’m pretty sure Venom is going to make another appearance real soon.”

6 thoughts on “The Right Kind of Venom

  1. Wow that’s awesome and Noah is my middle name I love to know you more and spend a few serious session with you


    1. Thank you—I’m glad you enjoyed it!


  2. YES SIR


    1. I loved doing that scene with you!


      1. Can’t wait to grow and do more with you Sir


      2. Me too! Gotta make you a true musclewhore


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