Time Making and Time Wasting

Recently, my slave Alex mentioned something another dom said to him recently. “Slaves should be time-makers, not time-wasters”. This is such a good way to put this that I figured I would write a post about it.

To be clear, “slave” here means “lifestyle slave” not “bedroom slave” or “cashslave”. Lifestyle slaves don’t just provide sexual service; they provide domestic service by doing chores and assisting their master in a variety of other ways. A slave’s service should aim to make his master’s life better in whatever ways the master desires.

What the Dom’s maxim is getting at is that a slave’s service ought to free up his master to spend time on more important or desirable activities, because for most doms, their shortest resource is time. Time is an inelastic commodity; we all get the same 24 hours a day and there’s nothing we can do to change that. So slavery means that that slave prioritizes his master’s time more highly than his own; he sacrifices some of his precious time to do menial work like washing dishes, mowing the lawn, and running errands so that his master can spend his hours on activities that are more interesting, desirable, or remunerative than that menial work.

So as a slave, this ought to be one of your top priorities. What work can you undertake for your master that free up his time? If you live nearby, there are probably loads of chores that you can do for your master around his house. The classic ones are the simple domestic tasks like the ones already mentioned. Most slaves find such work quite gratifying because they know that they are directly improving their master’s life by giving him a tidier home and allowing him to relax. However, keep in mind that some masters may find certain chores enjoyable, relaxing, or otherwise interesting. I enjoy cooking and baking, for example, so I’m less likely to pass off a task like that to a slave. On the other hand, I hate emptying the litter box, so that’s one the slave does.

But if you don’t live close to your master, if a significant part of your dynamic has to be conducted online, you obviously can’t do your master’s dishes very often. Alex lives in a different city than I do, and roughly every other week he sacrifices about 3-4 hours of his time to drive to my town so he can serve me for 5-6 hours. While he’s here, he does chores (cat boxes!) and also gets to take my cock. But the other 13 days a week, we need to find other ways he can make my life easier. My slave Spunky unfortunately lives halfway across the country. We only get to see each other once or twice a year (and sadly, Covid completely scuttled our planned meeting this year).

But that doesn’t mean that Spunky and Alex don’t serve me. I periodically give him the task of proofreading a new novel I’ve written. It’s menial labor (as well as labor that is surprisingly hard for me to do–when you know what the text is supposed to say, it’s easy to miss small spelling and punctuation errors). I have a major home repair that will have to happen soon, and as it happens, Alex is more conversant with such matters than I am, so I’ve given him the task of researching my options for the repair so I don’t have to spend a lot of time wrestling with unfamiliar issues.

But there are limits to what kinds of tasks a master ought to hand off to his slave. To offer one rather obvious example, it’s not possible for a slave to do his master’s gym workout for him. The idea is absurd, but it also applies to career-related tasks. In my opinion, a master should not be passing off core tasks associated with whatever he does for his employment. If you’re a professional chef, you shouldn’t be delegating the job of cooking your customer’s meals, because your core competencies ought to be one of the things your slave reveres you for. Sure, you could have him do your prep work (cutting veggies, for example), but the core work is yours. If you’re charging someone for your professional services, you have an ethical obligation to do the actual work you’re charging them for–presumably you’re more skilled in that area than your slave is. I see a lot of college-age doms on Twitter talking about having their slaves doing their school work for them. If you pass off the task of writing your term paper, you’re not learning the skills your teacher is trying to teach you, and in the long run, that is likely to harm you more than you realize. So don’t be Donald Trump.

But that’s only half the maxim. Slaves also shouldn’t be time-wasters. Slaves should not be doing things that force their master to spend lots of time on unnecessary things. In particular, slaves should not be creating drama that their masters need to focus on. For example, they shouldn’t be getting drunk and then calling their master to bail them out of jail when they get arrested. A slave needs to have his shit together or being his best to get his shit together. A slave should recognize that his master’s attention is a gift of a precious resource, so he should strive to make sure that when he is getting his master’s attention, it’s quality time for them both. It’s far more desirable that their time together be spent on pleasurable activities like torture sessions than on handling this week’s personal crisis.

However, this is a tricky issue, because slaves have a tendency to feel unworthy of their master’s time and attention and this can lead them to not seek support from him when they genuinely need it. There is a huge difference between wasting a master’s time and needing genuine support from him. One of the duties of a master is to guide, encourage, and support his slave when the slave needs it, and that’s not time-wasting; it’s part of the basic deal a master commits to when he claims a slave.

Alex is unfortunately going through a difficult medical situation right now, and he needs the same support and encouragement any person with a serious medical issue needs. He sometimes tells me that he shouldn’t be wasting my time with his medical problems, even when I require him to tell me about his latest doctor’s visit so I can understand how his treatment is progressing and remind him of the things he needs to do for it. He doesn’t always understand the doctor’s instructions and I help him sort that stuff out. His treatment is physically unpleasant and on a couple of occasions I’ve had to very sternly order him to follow his doctor’s orders. That’s not him wasting my time; that’s him needing my strength and guidance to get through something difficult.

So if you’re a slave, you need to learn not to waste your master’s time, but you also need to learn when to seek his assistance with something. You need to think in terms of spending your time to save his, but you also need to realize that sometimes your dynamic means that you have to take up some of his time for your genuine needs.

If you’re a master, you need to learn to step up to the plate for your slave when he genuinely needs your support or guidance. Lots of Twitter insta-doms complain about “time-wasting” boys when what they are actually saying is that they don’t want to have to put in the work of actually being in charge. They want to get the service a leader gets without doing the work of a leader, which is juvenile fantasy Trump-level bullshit. Good masters understand that owning a slave takes work, and sometimes that means you’re spending time to build a lasting dynamic and get your slave through his rough patches. If you’re not willing to do that, you have no business claiming to be a master.

2 thoughts on “Time Making and Time Wasting

  1. Another great article, Sir. Very sorry slave alex is going thru a tough time medically. Your compassion, support and guidance for him is really heartwarming.

    Learning so much! Very grateful to have found you.


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