Check in with Your Dom

Coronavirus worries and the need to quarantine has got a lot of people down. Unless you’re a genuine introvert, you probably are feeling the stress of isolation on top of anxieties about the disease, worries about your job, rage over the president’s complete narcissistic incompetence, and general concern for the state of the world. I hope you’re finding some good coping strategies.

In the middle of this crisis, I want to offer you a reminder to check in on your dom. If you have a good dom, he is probably an oasis of calm strength and reassurance for you. You probably feel safe when you’re serving him, and he’s hopefully reached out to you to offer whatever comfort and guidance he can. (And if he’s not like this, maybe find a better dom. This is one of the basic reasons subs serve doms.)

But you may not have thought about what he might need at the moment. Many subs get so used to viewing their doms as powerful, godly beings that it becomes easy to forget that your dom is a real person. He’s not a bottomless well of strength and power, even if he’s good at looking like he is. A good dom knows how to project strength and confidence, but even the best dom needs support. And right now, in this crisis, he needs you.

He needs you to check in on him and make sure he’s ok. What many subs don’t understand is that we doms draw a lot of our strength from our subs and their service to us. Knowing that a boy looks up to us gives us confidence. Knowing that a boy admires our strength helps us find the strong, aggressive part of ourselves. Knowing that a boy is loyal to us inspires us to be worthy of that loyalty, to be our best selves.

Also, it’s easy for doms to get backed into the Stoic Corner, where we forget that we’re allowed to have feelings like fear, weakness, and sadness. Many doms bottle away those feelings, both because toxic masculinity tells us that we shouldn’t have those feelings and because feeling powerful and in control is much more enjoyable. So even if your dom seems like he’s his usual confident self, he might be struggling with the same things everyone else is struggling with right now.

So reach out to your dom and ask him how he’s doing. Let him know that you’re there to serve him if there’s something he needs. Give him permission to express those weaker feelings he might be experiencing. Doing so can be a stress release for him, and experiencing your desire to serve him may be what he needs right now.

Obviously, social distancing means letting him fuck you might not be on the menu, but there are still a ton of ways you can serve that don’t require you to have direct contact with him.

  • Do phone sex with him
  • Stroke for him and beg for permission to cum
  • Send him sexy or humiliating pics of yourself
  • Let him torture over the phone–I love telling a boy to torture his tits or his cock for me!
  • Worship him verbally
  • Explore hypnosis over the phone
  • Let him verbally abuse you
  • Send him some tribute or a gift from his wishlist (assuming you can afford it)
  • Come over and mow his lawn or wash his car
  • Leave a batch of home-made cookies on his doorstep
  • Or just remind him that you value and crave his power and control

The important thing here is to not top from the bottom. Find out how he wants to be served. Don’t surprise him with something unless you know that he’ll be ok with what you have planned.

Sometimes all a moody dom needs is to be reminded of the god he has inside him.

3 thoughts on “Check in with Your Dom

  1. Thanks for that advice and guidance.

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    1. I’ve seen lots of subs talking about how great their doms are being, and lots of dogs expressing concern for their subs. But not a lot of the reverse. Right now, with all the shit that’s going on, it’s easy to forget that the support should flow both ways

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  2. Well written Sir and i sent you an email to check in…


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