Fast Learner


Diego’s voice was groggy and confused. I ignored him and kept fingering his ass, gently but insistently. 

“Sir, I have that chemistry test tomorrow. I gotta sleep.”

“And I told you, boy, you’re well-prepared for it.” 

Diego and I had met a year ago when he was a sophomore taking Dr. Wrede’s Intro to Physics course, popularly known around campus as Physics for Poets. I was the TA for the course, and despite being a Poli Sci major, Diego had stood out as having a decent head for science. He had aced the course. Despite that, he had been in my office constantly. On the third week, he showed up to ask questions about the first quiz, despite having gotten an A-. He clearly felt he had failed me by getting one question wrong, and wanted to apologize. That was my first clue he was submissive.

“Please, Sir.”

“I love it when you beg, boy. It won’t get you anywhere, but keep doing it. On your belly, boy.”

Diego whined, but complied. I heard the clink of the lock against his chastity device. 

“How’s that sad little dick of yours doing?”

“Ohh,” he moaned unhappily. “It needs out, Sir.”

“You’ve got another week to go, boy. You know that,” I said as I slid over. Diego obligingly spread his legs. Even lit only by the orange-yellow glow of the streetlight outside my bedroom window, I could see the magnificent curves of his ass. 

“Couldn’t you just let me out for a few minutes, Sir? I really need it.”

I responded by spreading his cheeks and licking his hole. 

“Sir!” His frustrated tone was all I needed to know I was on the right track. My cock twitched. 

I spent the next several minutes probing his hole with my tongue and my fingers. For variety, I occasionally ran my tongue down along his taint to his balls, which were pulled up high against the ring of his device, while I slid my fingers in and out of his hole.

“Come on, Sir! I gotta get out of this thing! My dick is killing me.”

“I know,” I said as I grabbed the lube from the night table. 

“Sir, you gotta take this off!”

“Keep demanding, boy. It’s making me drip.”

“Let me out!”

As I worked the lube into his ass, I maneuvered my other hand under his junk. The sheet had a small wet spot. I played with the piss slit on the cage and got my fingers pleasingly wet. I crawled up his body, managing to get lube on the sheets, and put those precum-wet fingers to his mouth. He protested for a moment and then began to lick.

“Your words say you want out, but this says you’re lying.”

His groaned but continued licking until I pulled them out. I maneuvered my groin over his ass and began to push into him. We’d both been on PrEP for a month now and it felt so great to go raw. I felt the ridge of my head pushing into his ass.


Diego wasn’t a big guy; that’s one of the things I liked about him, actually, I prefer guys who are a bit smaller than me. But he was lean. He swam regularly and played in a gay baseball league off campus. And after we had started seeing each other, he had begun working out to improve his butt. He liked the fact that I loved his ass.

As I pushed into him, I put my hands on his lower back and rested the weight of my upper body on them. After a few moments of gentle thrusting to let him get used to it, I began to pick up the tempo.

Diego did what he always did when I fucked him this way; he pushed his ass up as far as he could, giving me enough tension to make my thrusts meaningful. 

“Please, please, Sir. You gotta let me out.” There was real desperation in his voice. 

I shifted my weight, putting my arms onto the mattress on either side of his head. I leaned forward so that my torso was roughly above his and began swiveling my hips as I thrust, pushing into him more deeply. 

“Boy, I’ve told you before, you need to learn that your pleasure comes from your cunt, not your dick.”

He was quiet for a moment.“Yes, Sir.” There was something in the way he said that, some note of acceptance, that told me he had understood something about our dynamic. 

I was thrusting hard enough that it didn’t take me long to climax. As I felt it rising through me, I dropped my weight onto his back and wrapped my arms around him. I had time to say “Good boy!” But then I was lost in the pre-verbal moment of orgasm. He continued pushing his ass up until he was sure I was finished. 

I pulled out and grabbed the towel that lived next to the bed. As I set out cleaning up, Diego just lay there, patiently waiting for me to finish. As I wiped his ass, he thrust gently against the mattress, but nothing more.

Then I folded my arms around him and gently nuzzled his neck. He pressed himself into the curve of my body. “You’re gonna do great on your chemistry exam, boy.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you.” He said it quietly, but with a sincerity that I’d never heard from him before. I resisted the urge to reply. Anything I might have said would have spoiled the moment, reduced the sense that we were bonding more deeply.

A few minutes later, he was asleep in my arms. 

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